Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between your blankets?

A. We have four different styles of cotton and finishes that we use for our blankets:

*Starter Pack - loose weave 100% cotton 'muslin', very transluscent. Hemmed edges. Great to wash and wash - the waffling effect of the weave gets softer every time.

*The Original Solana Swaddle Wrap - 100% crinkle style cotton, loose weave which allows some "give" when wrapping it around baby. Soft and gauzy, with satin trim. 4 colors pink, blue, green and yellow.

*Signature Wraps - Our Signature Wrap is a multi-colored polka dot 100% cotton, 'muslin' wrap. Fabric is custom designed and made for Solana Babywear with satin trim.

*Limited Editions - Our Limited Editions are handmade in Australia from seasonal fabrics which are only available there. They are lovingly crafted by two moms who search out unique and fresh patterns for us to bring to our customers. Made with satin trim.

Q. What makes the Solana Swaddle Wrap different to other swaddling blankets on the market?

A. Mothers have been swaddling babies since the beginning of time, and swaddling is not a new discovery! So there are many blankets on the market. We designed the Solana Swaddle Wrap because we could not find a blanket that fitted our needs - the need to wrap a (big) growing baby for the first few months and the need to ensure that our babies were cool and comfortable when wrapped. Other blankets that we had found used either micro-fleece or heavy cottons. We were looking for loose-weave, breathable fabrics. And so that is why we made our own blankets from lightweight cottons! We know that every baby is different and that you will need to talk with your Pediatrician about what is suitable for your baby. But we do feel that - knowing the medical studies on swaddling, SIDS and using light fabrics - our blankets are the best choice for helping to prevent overheating, while providing comfort and security for your little one.

Q. I live in a cold climate, why would I use the Solana Swaddle Wrap?

A. The AMA (American Medical Association) recently recommended that babies are only ever wrapped in fabric no thicker than a t-shirt. SIDS has been linked to overheating, and further the incidences of SIDS increases during the winter months. It has been speculated that this may be due to overwrapping babies because of the cold. It is especially important, if you live in a cold climate, to use your discretion when dressing a baby - particularly in a comfortably heated home.*

*Please visit our terms and conditions. No information on is intended as medical advice, please ask your Pediatrician/Physician if you have any questions about swaddling (and/or overheating).

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