The Solana Swaddle Wrap - Designed By Moms Like You!

The Solana Swaddle Wrap is the vision of 2 long-time friends, Theresa Marcum and Sunny Willmington-Wight. With 2 children each, they encountered the same issues as every mom - the need to calm and soothe their babies. And although swaddling was clearly a perfect solution for this issue, they could not find blankets breathable enough for swaddling in the Arizona heat, or big enough to continue swaddling past the first few weeks.

Starting with some hand-hemmed over sized squares of lightweight crinkle cotton (which became into the Original Solana Swaddle Wrap), Theresa and Sunny found they could easily swaddle their babies until they weighed about 20 lbs, while the lightweight fabric helped protect their little ones in the Arizona heat.

Being big Dr Karp fans to boot, they decided that using their wraps with the 'Happiest Baby' soothing techniques was something every mom should have in their book of baby tricks! And so Solana Babywear was born!

As Solana Babywear evolved and as they did more research, the friends were excited to discover that recent medical studies and physicians were recommending swaddling to help prevent colic, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome; and that they also recommend swaddling in nothing thicker than a t-shirt to help prevent SIDS linked to overheating. Thrilled that they could offer a product to help moms protect their babies and to help everyone get a good nights sleep, Theresa and Sunny heartily pursued their dreams. They now proudly offer a wide range of loose-weave, breathable and over sized swaddling wraps so moms in every climate can help to soothe and protect their babies. And they are also happy to help attract even more attention to calm and settled babies, with their fresh and seasonal prints!
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